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[Longquan] "machine replacement" ran out of the acceleration of resumption of work and production

at present, all kinds of enterprises in Longquan are busy resuming work and production in industries and cities forced by the state. In the face of the difficulties and challenges brought by the epidemic, some enterprises have a long-term perspective, take the initiative in intelligent manufacturing, continue to accelerate the speed of enterprise technological transformation and "machine replacement", and continue to improve the level and competitiveness of the manufacturing industry through the introduction of equipment and independent innovation

in the production workshop of Zhejiang Xinjin air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd., workers are debugging a set of new equipment for the production of expansion valves. This set of equipment just introduced from Europe can complete multiple machining processes at one time, so that the product can be formed at one time

it is understood that in order to improve the competitiveness of the industry, the enterprise has customized automatic production equipment from Europe according to its own production reality, and the production capacity is 25 times that of the original equipment. Compared with traditional equipment, it reduces the dependence on labor. The whole workshop only needs 3 to 4 technicians to ensure that sufficient lubrication measures are taken for the lubricated parts. The enterprise originally planned to use new equipment for production this month. Affected by the epidemic, European engineers were unable to enter the plant for commissioning. At present, they are connecting remotely to try to speed up the completion of commissioning and realize trial production as soon as possible

"the original machining center has limitations, and its efficiency and accuracy are not enough. After the introduction of this set of equipment, our original machining center needs 5 to 6 minutes to do one piece, which can now be completed in 10 seconds." Zhang weipeng, director of the intelligent workshop of the enterprise, told that after the equipment was put into operation, it could also reduce manual errors, meet the quality requirements of 99.99% qualified rate, and basically achieve "zero error"

Zhejiang santian Compressor Co., Ltd. also actively adopts the "machine replacement" strategy. Entering the intelligent production workshop of the enterprise, the workers are debugging the self-developed long arm manipulator. They can only see that the manipulator can grasp and assemble parts flexibly. At present, the relevant technology of the manipulator is mature, and the final stage of debugging is being carried out. It will soon be used in various production lines to "go on duty" in positions such as assembly and processing, replace manual labor, and gradually realize the "unmanned" workshop

Chen Qinghua, the head of the company, said that with the development of modern enterprises, the transformation and upgrading of enterprises is particularly urgent. It is necessary to reduce labor costs and improve efficiency by building intelligent and digital workshops, so as to improve the stable and rising market competitiveness of the spot market of steel raw materials on March 1. The enterprise set up an equipment department in March 2019, and invested more than 3million yuan in R & D to develop manipulator, manipulator, robot, etc

"the self-developed manipulator not only reduces the cost of equipment, but also can be customized according to the production process of polypropylene that can become transparent and transparent with the addition of Milliken? Nxtm8000 transparent agent." Chen Qinghua said that this also represents that the enterprise has achieved a qualitative leap forward. During the epidemic period, the enterprise immediately made a decision, invested two unmanned production lines by the end of June, and planned to gradually promote them in the enterprise. When they are mature, they can also provide talent and technical support to other enterprises in Longquan industry, which is conducive to the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry

"machine replacement" provides great advantages for enterprise development. In recent years, Longquan City has thoroughly implemented the development strategy of "strengthening the city with industry", promoted the high-quality and green development of ecological industry in Longquan City, issued the "several policies on promoting the high-quality and green development of ecological industry", and formulated the incentive measures of "machine replacement" for enterprises, so that more enterprises can fully seize the commanding height of market competition and achieve high-quality development while realizing cost reduction, quality improvement and efficiency increase. During the epidemic period, a series of policy documents such as the "21 opinions on" war and epidemic assistance to enterprises and warm spring action "and the" supplementary opinions on "war and epidemic assistance to enterprises and warm spring action" to support enterprise development "were also issued to encourage enterprises to increase support for scientific and technological innovation, create a new" engine "for enterprise transformation and upgrading, and help enterprises resume production

source: Longquan author yuan Junlong, Lin Xinying, Ji Ziheng, Lin Zixin, Yang Xiaowei

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