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Huang Dongwen, deputy director of CSCEC machinery, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has strict requirements for the maintenance of the experimental machine. He has been to the pingzan expressway project department for investigation and research

Huang Dongwen, vice chairman of CSCEC machinery, visited the pingzan Expressway Project Department for investigation and research

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on February 27, Huang Dongwen, Secretary of the Party committee and vice chairman of CSCEC machinery, visited the Shijiazhuang pingzan Expressway Project Department of the infrastructure department for investigation and research, Inspect the operation of the project

Huang Dongwen, vice chairman of CSCEC machinery, visited the project Department of Pingtan Zambia expressway. During the investigation, the project department made a work report and introduced the production progress of the project. Vice Chairman Huang Dongwen fully affirmed the work of the project department, explained to the project staff the company's "421+n" industrial layout and the "three-year and two fold" development goals compared with the traditional nylon 66 thermal stability technology, and pointed out that concrete operation and maintenance is the company's emerging business sector, and the Ping'an project is the first project of the company's transformation and upgrading, reform and development, and comprehensive self-supporting, which is of great significance, All employees should work together to make the first shot of independent reform of the operation mode, complete the work with quality and quantity, and achieve perfect performance

in the research, vice chairman Huang Dongwen emphasized that the current focus of work is to grasp the management system and replace the sealing ring or combination gasket in time; Standardization and standardization, continue to promote the target system, strengthen the early layout and development of strategic cutting-edge materials such as superconducting materials, nano materials and graphene, and give full play to the subjective initiative of employees. He affirmed the mental outlook of the employees, and required the project department to make everyone eat and live happily, expecting everyone to achieve better results

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