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Huai'an mobile carried out public welfare activities to care for left behind children

on June 19, the Lianshui Youth League branch of Huai'an mobile organized volunteers to Lianshui Gaogou bilingual school to carry out public welfare activities to care for left behind children, and brought 20 children's watches to the children

through watches, parents can set their children's position in real time and actively use and transform scientific and technological achievements, and talk with their children in real time to timely understand their children's daily learning, life PE and other situations, so that communication is zero distance. At the scene, volunteers demonstrated the use of watches and connected with the parents of left behind children, which attracted the children's strong and smooth view and rushed to talk to their parents. Afterwards, the volunteers accompanied the children to talk and sing nursery rhymes, and spent a happy day with them

(: Wang Ting, correspondent: Zhi Lanzhen)

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