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Liquid food packaging machine leads the new fashion in the packaging industry

at present, it is learned from the food packaging machinery industry that China's drinking water has repeatedly emphasized that domestic products can basically meet the needs of large passenger aircraft, robots, new energy vehicles, high-end medical equipment, high-end agricultural machinery equipment and other fields related to the national economy, the people's livelihood and industrial life, carbonated beverages, tea beverage pretreatment equipment, medium and low-speed bottle cutting Packing equipment also has matching products to choose from In terms of market sales data, pet plastic bottles are increasingly used in liquid food packaging. Liquid automatic packaging machines are also popular with customers in the food industry. Domestic enterprises have also made gratifying breakthroughs in this field

with the improvement of China's position in the world, China's beverage and beer packaging machinery gradually tends to high-speed automated production lines, while the packaging machinery production of Zhengzhou Xinghuo packaging machine company has also made considerable progress, and some filling and sealing integrated equipment has reached a high level, including plastic beverage bottles Aseptic packaging molding equipment and labeling machine, including packaging, can complete a "small goal" in one word. The level of the production line has also been improved, which can meet the needs of medium-sized enterprises, and some of them can replace imported equipment, and the export volume has increased year by year

as the packaging of polyester bottles has become the mainstream, our company has specifically designed an automatic liquid packaging machine suitable for the packaging of polyester bottles. The technological process part of the liquid packaging machine is made of stainless steel. The adjustment of packaging bag heat sealing, bag feeding length, packaging weight and heating temperature is simple and reliable. Even the operation needs strict training to be applied. It is also very convenient. The continuous filling precision is high, the packaging speed is fast, and the maintenance is convenient. It is the ideal equipment for users to get rich

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