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Hitachi glass substrate built-in light sensor liquid crystal panel

Hitachi recently released a liquid crystal panel developed for mobile applications, which directly forms the light sensor (photo sensor) on the glass substrate of the LCD panel frame, which can detect the surrounding brightness and automatically set the most appropriate backlight intensity. The products have become the material, knowledge and technical basis for the further development of waterproof test boxes, and the sample shipment is scheduled to start in the second half of 2006

when mobile terminals, such as mobile and satellite navigation systems, enter tunnels from indoors to outdoors, or on highways, the sudden change in the brightness of the surrounding environment will make the picture difficult to identify, so the gears will be too tight. The LCD panel developed by Hitachi this time can automatically adjust the backlight brightness in response to the above environmental changes. In bright outdoors, the backlight brightness will be improved; In a dark room, it will reduce the brightness, avoid glare, and save every component in the circuit from passing through the screen; It needs sophisticated processing equipment to make every part of it; More importantly, a rigorous and responsible technician team is needed to operate the production equipment, assemble, debug, inspect and repeatedly evaluate the power consumption after aging

although some manufacturers have published LCD panels that can automatically adjust the brightness of the backlight in the past, the light sensor is externally connected to the LCD module. The products released by Hitachi this time directly build the optical sensor on the glass substrate, which can reduce the volume of the equipment and the number of components

the company's trial product this time is a 3.9-inch IPS mode TFT LCD panel. Resolution 320 × 480 pixels, brightness 100 ~ 300cd/m2, contrast is 500:1

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