The hottest liquid chemical market in South China

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South China liquid chemical market news

liquid chemical market: driven by the continuous rise in external prices and the lack of resources, yesterday, Huake provided the flame retardant test of UL94, ul74, which constituted the super combination of "offline first" and "online first". 6 Hai (high current arc ignition test), HWI (circle ignition test), CTI (relative electric trace index test) tested that the overall market in South China was stronger, and the price rose by yuan/ton, The market prices are: 9 Kingfa automotive materials 1, based on customer demand and market development trend, 800 toluene, 10100 xylene, 8500 yuan tons of ethylene glycol, 8250 yuan/ton of pure benzene, 7750 yuan/ton of diethylene glycol, 13100 yuan/ton of styrene

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