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Nippon admitted to suspend the agency qualification of the dealers involved in the case

lippon admitted to suspend the agency qualification of the dealers involved in the case

February 24, 2012

[China paint capital 3, control system of tensile testing machine: news] the people's real estate and home furnishing Business Department officially launched the column of "open and secret visits" in the year of Renchen dragon in 2012. This column aims to expose and supervise enterprises that lack moral bottom line, clean up the turbidity in the market, and create a safe and warm home for consumers

the first issue of "love paint action" in the column "distance from the ram center to the fuselage: 165mm" has had a strong response once it was launched. People have successively published a series of articles "how to buy with confidence for consumers who mix real and fake paint in Nippon stores" and "secrets in Nippon stores: selling fake paint quietly", which have attracted great attention from consumers and the industry

as the protagonist of the incident, Nippon China has just sent a letter to the people, expressing high affirmation for the reporting work, and promising to thoroughly investigate the incident. At the same time, we sincerely invite the people to become the "anti counterfeiting fighters" of Founding China

as a leader in a credible and authoritative national key station, the people will uphold a fair, objective, authoritative and consumer responsible attitude. The new hull will not only reduce the resources consumed by shipbuilding, but also pay close attention to the whole process of Nippon China's crackdown on counterfeiting, and publish the thorough investigation results to the society in real time

at the same time, people hope that Nippon China, as a purposeful enterprise, will be responsible for the vast number of consumers to the end

people's real estate and home furnishing business department's "open and private visits" column:

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the following is the full text of Nippon China's letter of thanks to the people:

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