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"Liquid milk coextrusion packaging film and bag" industry discussion standard (III)

7.2 sampling nth= "12" year= "1899"> 7.2.1 group batch the same variety, the same specification, the same delivery unit is a batch. If the goods are delivered in milk bags, the quantity of each batch shall not exceed 1million. For delivery in the form of membrane roll, the quantity of each batch shall not exceed 20 tons. 7.2.2 the size, specification and appearance quality requirements of the sampling plan shall be in accordance with gb/t2828 Regulations "is carried out by professional modular smarttest measurement and control software, with special inspection level S-3, qualified quality level aql=6.0, and one-time sampling scheme for normal inspection. Physical and mechanical properties, hygienic performance, Microbiological requirements and solvent residue requirements should be randomly selected from a roll of qualified products and tested according to the corresponding indicators specified in 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6. 7.3 determination rules 7.3.1 determination of qualified items the size, specification and appearance inspection results shall be determined according to the provisions of Table 3 to table 6 in 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 respectively. If they all meet the standard provisions, the size, specification and appearance quality of the sample shall be determined to be qualified. the physical and mechanical performance test results shall be judged individually according to the index requirements in Table 7 and table 8 in 5.4. If the test results meet the indexes specified in Table 7 and table 8, the physical and mechanical performance is judged to be qualified. sanitary performance shall be judged according to GB 9687. Microbiological requirements shall be determined according to table 9. if the solvent residue must be reorganized according to table 10, the machine shall be shut down decisively for judgment. 7.3.2 judgment of qualified batch factory inspection. See Table 11 for judgment of factory inspection

batch volume

sample size volume

received number AC volume

rejected number Re volume











Table 11 determination of qualified batches in factory inspection aql=6.0

nth= "12" year= "1899"> type inspection in type inspection, the size specification and appearance quality should be judged in batches according to table 11, If one of the other performance tests is unqualified, the batch of type tests is judged to be unqualified

8 marking, packaging, transportation, storage

8.1 marking

the film roll or package shall be marked in Chinese, indicating the product name, product category, production date, batch number, specification, manufacturer and attached with the product qualification seal

8.2 packaging

clean and odorless packaging materials should be used

8.3 transportation

during transportation, mechanical collision or contact with sharp objects should be prevented, and at the same time, the sun and rain should be avoided to ensure that the package is intact and the product is not polluted

8.4 storage

products should be stored in a clean, cool and dry warehouse, and should not be in contact with corrosive chemicals and other harmful substances. The distance from the heat source shall not be less than value= "1" unitname= "m">1m

appendix a

(normative appendix)

hygienic performance sensory index test method

a1 put a complete and clean packaging film (the film size is value= "320" unitname= "mm">320mm*value= "110" unitname= "mm">110mm) into a 250ml glass wide mouth bottle, test at least 5 samples of each batch of film, and then put the wide mouth bottle into the drying oven, and the temperature of the drying oven is adjusted to value= "60" unitname= "℃">60 ℃ value= "70" unitname= "℃">-70 ℃, After 12 hours, open the wide mouth bottle and smell whether there is plastic smell, ink smell and other peculiar smell in the bottle

a2 test shall be judged by at least 5 people using the scoring method, and the number of people can only be singular. If more than 50% of the judging personnel score less than 3 points (including 3 points), the film will be judged as unqualified

The judgment method of the

a3 scoring method is: there are 5 grades in total, that is, 5 points,

1 points are plastic taste, ink taste and other peculiar smell. If the taste is serious, what peculiar smell can be obviously detected and perceived

2 it is divided into plastic smell, ink smell and other peculiar smell. The smell is more serious, and the gearbox (including the motor) and the moving speed of the sample clamp can detect and instigate the disc to perceive what peculiar smell

3 is divided into plastic smell, ink smell and other odors. The odor is vague, but it is uncertain which odor it is

4: plastic smell, ink smell and other peculiar smell are not obvious, but only slight

5 points, so after the test, 1 must ensure that it is clean without plastic smell, ink smell and other peculiar smell

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