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"Liquid glass" will make chemical detergents redundant

we have all heard of nanotechnology, but few people can say its application in the end. Through systematic on-site data collection and comparative analysis, guopizhen's team shows that the field in which the fence type aluminum based lead alloy composite anode plate is compared with the traditional lead based alloy anode plate has fundamentally changed our lives. Now, a wonderful commodity?? "Liquid glass" spray is on the market, which will revolutionize our way of life. This kind of non-toxic spray invisible to the human eye can protect the surface of almost all substances from dirt and bacterial pollution, whether it is hospital equipment, ancient monuments, or expensive textiles, can be protected

this spray exists in the form of "liquid glass", like a soft glass cage covering the whole object. It can shape wires and change the detection range of the experimental machine. Various materials within the diameter form an ultra-thin film?? Corresponding to the thickness of 15 to 30 molecules, it is thinner than human hair and should be replaced 500 times immediately. In this nano standard, only one millionth of a millimeter of "liquid glass" has become an invisible barrier with high flexibility. Like glass, it is repellent to water, dirt and bacteria, but it can resist heat, acid and UV radiation

"liquid glass" spray is almost composed of pure silicon dioxide, just like ordinary glass, so it is inert and has no adverse impact on the environment. The working principle of "liquid glass" is to form an invisible hydrophobic layer with strong repulsion to water, which can generate strong electrostatic attraction and fix itself on the sprayed material. Therefore, the surface treated by the spray can be easily washed with pure water, and even if the bacteria fall on the surface, it is not easy to replicate. It seems that the era of chemical detergent free is coming

the experiment of "liquid glass" has been successful in a wide range of application fields. In the field of agriculture, researchers found that the wood and vine treated with spray can resist the invasion of termites and fungi; If the seeds are coated with spray, they will not be easily attacked by fungal spores. In the field of medical equipment, the characteristics of powder spray and the performance of processed parts establish a certain correlation. The agent can produce a non adhesive bactericidal surface, which is very effective as medical implant materials, urinary catheters and bandages. In home life, the wall of the family bathroom can be directly washed with water after spraying, without the need to scrub with strong detergent. In the fashion industry, textiles treated with spray are dust-proof, decontaminated and breathable

it is obvious that the "liquid glass" is easy to clean, which makes all kinds of detergent with latent toxicity redundant in the current market situation. It is reported that the product is already available in cypress, California, USA, and will also be sold in diyshops in the UK

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