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Liquid food packaging is surging with a new trend. PET beverage bottles have a broad market.

at present, it is learned from the food packaging machinery industry that domestic products can basically meet the needs in terms of pretreatment equipment for drinking water, carbonated beverages and tea beverages in China. Medium and low-speed bottle sorting and packing equipment also have matching products to choose from. In terms of pet (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles, metal cans and Tetra Pak, The packaging production line of beverage enterprises is basically the world of imported equipment. Among them, pet plastic bottles are increasingly used in liquid food packaging, and domestic enterprises have also made gratifying breakthroughs in this field

An analysis report of the China food and packaging machinery industry association pointed out that since the 1980s, China has imported a large number of beverage and beer packaging machinery every year, and the momentum of introduction is still increasing. Most of these machines are high-speed automatic production lines with strong reliability and high output. At present, some of the equipment is the model that is the first to operate and step up environmental protection with a frequency of 300 Hz. At the same time, the production of packaging machinery in China has also made considerable progress. Some filling and sealing integrated equipment has reached a high level. The level of packaging production lines, including plastic beverage bottles, sterile packaging molding equipment and labeling machines, has also been improved, which can meet the needs of medium-sized enterprises, some can replace imported equipment, and the export volume has increased year by year. Bottled water currently accounts for a large share of China's beverage market. Bottled water packaging, like carbonated beverage packaging, has relatively low requirements compared with the use of a large number of lightweight materials, and domestic equipment has great room for development

it is understood that PET plastic bottles have been increasingly used in the field of liquid food packaging in recent years. PET bottles have the characteristics of large capacity, light weight, easy to carry, cold storage, firmness, recyclability and so on, which expand their application range in the field of liquid food packaging. Taking the beverage industry as an example, according to incomplete statistics, the global annual consumption of pet for beverage bottles is more than 10 million tons, and its output and consumption are growing at a rate of 10% - 19% per year. PET bottle blowing and pulling technology is widely used in the industry. PET bottles are used in the hot filling and sub hot filling technology of beer, beverages and condiments, as well as the now popular pet aseptic cold filling technology, which has promoted the vigorous development of PET bottled drinks in the world, and has become the most successful packaging material revolution after glass bottles, sterile cartons, composite packaging and other packaging forms

to be promoted and transformed

although China has just started to promote the use of PET bottles, the products produced have been relatively mature and have been applied in a small scale

it is reported that Zhuhai Zhongfu's pet plastic beer bottles are produced by introducing foreign advanced injection molding equipment and manufacturing technologies such as optimizing raw materials, optimizing bottle blank design, optimizing co injection technology and bottle blowing technology. The PET beer bottle has a three-layer oxygen barrier structure, which has the characteristics of high barrier, heat resistance, pressure resistance, light protection and transparency, and meets the requirements of pasteurization process. The PET beer bottle has a good flavor during the storage period, and the fresh-keeping period is up to 100 days. Relevant information shows that some other plastic factories in China, such as Shanghai Zijiang, Zhejiang Huangyan SANFA plastic, Fujian Xiamen huakemao, Taiwan plastic industry, have also successfully developed plastic beer bottles. A few breweries in China, such as Tsingtao beer, Shijiazhuang Sanjiu beer and Zhuhai brewery, have begun to use PET plastic beer bottles

Xiao Derun, vice president of China Brewing Industry Association, once said that although China has made great progress in the use of plastic beer bottles, the current market share is very low, and the climate cannot be formed. In order to promote plastic beer bottles as soon as possible, in addition to constantly improving the performance of plastic beer bottles and reducing costs, we should also reduce the investment in plastic bottle filling lines, and try to transform the existing glass beer bottle filling production lines, so that they can turn glass bottles into plastic bottles for filling without re introducing equipment

industry experts suggest that the transformation of the existing glass bottle filling production line can be started from the following aspects:

polyester bottles cannot be vacuumed, and carbon dioxide can be used to replace air to control the problem of oxygen infiltration in the filling process. Polyester bottle conveying cannot be positioned at the bottom of the bottle like a glass bottle, but only by clamping and positioning the bottleneck. Long distance transmission can use air transmission, with high efficiency and accurate positioning. If the tinplate crown cap is used for sealing, the gland mold should be replaced. Others, such as pasteurization, do not need to be changed

Xiao Derun said that the promotion and application of plastic beer bottles can realize 6-bottle heat shrinkable packaging like beverage packaging, 4-bottle or 2-bottle portable packaging, and the capacity can also range from 330 ml to 2000 ml. Large plastic bottled fresh beer reduces the packaging cost, is suitable for household and rural consumption, and can also prevent fake bulk fresh beer from entering the market. Small plastic bottles are suitable for high-end consumption and are more convenient to use in restaurants, hotels, sports venues and friends' gatherings

experts believe that with the continuous improvement of the production, circulation, use and recycling system of plastic beer bottles in China, Juying should hold the base and then move the ester bottle. This new type of energy-saving, environmental protection, health and safety packaging will become the mainstream of beer packaging in China in the future

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