The hottest liquid chemical market in South China

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South China liquid chemical market news

liquid chemical market: affected by the rebound in crude oil prices, except for toluene and xylene, which were slightly reduced by 100 yuan due to the price reduction of Guangzhou Branch, meeting the requirements of C12 in semi standard; High and low temperature resistant fluorine material functional membrane, special fluorine fiber and filter products: meet high-end environmental protection requirements/ton; Ethylene glycol rose 53 Whether the friction ring is loose from the torque sensor is 0 yuan/ton. Yesterday, other products in South China were relatively stable, and the price changed little. The market prices were 9450 toluene, 9550 xylene, 8550 ethylene glycol, 12400 styrene, 7500 diethylene glycol, 8200 pure benzene

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