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The Cologne Exhibition Center will use Bayer polyurethane floor coating

the Cologne Exhibition Center will use Bayer polyurethane floor coating

November 28, 2005

at present, Germany Cologne International Exhibition China Co., Ltd. is building four exhibition halls and a conference center in the north area of the Cologne Exhibition Center. Avoid dry friction in new buildings; The group will replace its historical building, rhinesidehalls, and the appearance of rhinesideh screw should be 1 straight coated with new light grease. All will be taken over by RTL TV station. In addition, a modern center is also being built in the conference area to receive people from all over the world. 4. Start the oil pump to regulate the oil delivery valve to float the piston. The 800 square meter floor of the center has been fully covered with Artwalk brand decorative polyurethane (PU) floor paint produced by Bayer materials technology group. This is by far the largest single surface coating application of the coating system. The coating is configured and applied by bolidt, a ground and plastic expert from Hendrik Ido ambacht company in the Netherlands. Hendrik Ido ambacht company has signed a cooperation agreement with Bayer materials technology on the configuration, design and application of Artwalk brand coating. Five other companies have signed such agreements with Bayer. The completed ground of the center is planned to be delivered to Messe Cologne China Co., Ltd. in December, 2005

wernerebert, head of Bayer materials technology ground coating department, said, "Artwalk brand products are extremely personalized, opening up almost unlimited free design space." As he said, "this coating is the combination of design charm and final function, and becomes the best choice for the ground coating of hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping centers, discotheques, fitness centers, concert halls or company reception areas."

artwalk's customized floor coating is based on a two-component polyurethane system, which is configured with raw materials from bayhydrogen and bayhydur or desmodur and desmophen production lines of Bayer materials technology group's coating, adhesive and sealant (CAS) business unit. The first step of bolidt employees' laying work on the central ground is to lay a layer of solid color primer on the ground, then pour liquid to fill the resin, and finally seal it with a layer of transparent polyurethane paint with high wear resistance, so as to prevent the coating from being damaged by thousands of visitors in the next few years

desmodur or bayhydur aliphatic esters can ensure that the coating will not fade and yellowing, and also resist the erosion of cleaning solvents and chemicals. Thorns or severe scratches caused by vandalism are also very easy to repair. Just grind the surface and apply a new layer of transparent polyurethane coating, which is made of water-based adhesives from bayhydrogen or bayhydur product lines. The whole ground has no joints. If the room temperature and humidity are appropriate, it can withstand the movement of people in just 24 hours

in addition to bolidt, Bayer materials technology is also related to apis p. A. (Italy), Boulenger (France), hermetachemie and abpolymerchemie (Germany) and flowc signed a co branding agreement with retegroupplc (UK) if the interval between the next group is long, end consumers can purchase decorative floor coatings from any partner

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