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In the past, the aluminum alloy door and window industry used to compete with "price" and made a lot of profits in that Seller led era. However, with the upgrading of consumption and the impact of environmental protection storms, various external factors, the operating costs of enterprises have risen, and the profit space has been squeezed and smaller. The development of the times has brought great changes to the aluminum alloy door and window industry. In today's buyer led era, the competition for aluminum alloy doors and windows should change from the former "price" to "value". Concept change and model innovation have become the inevitable trend of the development of aluminum alloy door and window enterprises

in today's market with meager profits, in order to avoid falling into "low price" vicious competition, aluminum alloy door and window enterprises must improve their comprehensive competitiveness and change from price to value, so as to seek deeper and broader development in the future

keep the following four points in mind and grasp them. It is of great benefit to complete the transformation and upgrading of aluminum alloy doors and windows

first, aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises should pay close attention to internal management

internal management is always the "pain point" of the enterprise, and internal management is uncertain. What capital is there to grab more markets

when employees in an enterprise have a weak sense of belonging - they always want to change jobs, and employees develop a lazy style - being a monk for a day, where does the cohesion of the enterprise come from? There is a lack of perfect management process within the enterprise, and the customer order can easily load the test pieces slowly and evenly, but they may be lost. If there are problems, the employees are used to pushing three obstacles, how can the enterprise grow

the internal friction caused by various mismanagement within the aluminum alloy door and window enterprise is immeasurable, which affects the internal stability of the enterprise and the reduction of the trust of customer cooperation. In the long run, the disordered and imperfect internal management will become the "biggest obstacle" to the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise. If a successful enterprise wants to "seize the country", it must first stabilize the "military heart" - pay close attention to internal management, and then it can have a strong army that "can recruit and fight well"

second, aluminum alloy door and window enterprises should deal with inventory rationally

whether inventory is fast or slow is related to the normal operation of enterprise working capital. A sound financial operation system is an important guarantee for the normal operation of the enterprise system. Production, inventory, sales and profit are integrated, and the quality, preparation process, testing equipment and methods of graphene are indispensable; If there are insufficient inventory and more orders, we cannot supply goods to customers in time, which will drag down sales performance and naturally reduce profits. If the inventory cannot be digested and a large amount of funds are occupied, the aluminum alloy door and window enterprises cannot have more sufficient funds to invest in the re development and production of new products, and the profit points will also be greatly affected; In order to digest the inventory, the company will not hesitate to replace the price discount sales method, which will lower the profit point and affect the operating funds of the enterprise

China's aluminum alloy cable industry has made remarkable progress. Therefore, it is very important for aluminum alloy door and window enterprises to control the rationality and accuracy of production, inventory, sales and profits. Therefore, in the face of inventory, they should deal with inventory rationally

III. aluminum alloy door and window enterprises should pay attention to profit points

profit is an important basis to ensure that enterprises can "break even and earn reasonable profits", especially under the decline of the profits of original products and the profit space of new products, it is particularly important to control the profit points. Only the production of profits can enterprises better obtain the "capital" for making a living and development. Without profits, there is no future for enterprises

some aluminum alloy door and window enterprises blindly expand their scale, equipment investment and production capacity, and unrealistically advertise, but ignore the core problem of profit. The consequences are very serious: the capital chain is broken, the enterprise cannot operate, and can only be forced to close down...

therefore, aluminum alloy door and window enterprises should not only pursue the growth of performance, but also pay attention to the generation of reasonable profit points behind the growth of performance, Only when profits are generated can the healthy blood flow of the enterprise be maintained

IV. aluminum alloy door and window enterprises should improve the service system

quality is before price, and service is after quality. Price wants to extend value, and service has occupied a lot of positions today. Ignoring the importance of service, its reputation and product sales will also be greatly affected

service has become increasingly important in this era. In reality, many enterprises are famous for services, such as Haidilao. There are also many enterprises that have lost customers due to service and suffered the risk of bankruptcy. Therefore, aluminum alloy door and window enterprises also need to improve their services to ensure the "return" rate of customers

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