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On April 9, 2004, some media in Xinjiang published an announcement that "Urumqi Keer paper products Co., Ltd. applied for cancellation, and all creditors and debtors came to settle their claims within 90 days". This inconspicuous news announced a cruel fact that all the disposable environmental friendly lunch box enterprises in Urumqi and even Xinjiang have made "heroic sacrifices"

On June 18, Wang Qinghuan, the manager of Urumqi Keer paper products Co., Ltd., who was cleaning up the mess, sighed: "in 1997, when the 'white ban' was issued, we thought that foamed plastic tableware would be completely banned, so we invested 1.1 million yuan to build a production line with an annual output of 8million environmentally friendly paper tableware."

however, what Wang Qinghuan didn't expect is that over the years, foamed plastic tableware has occupied the Urumqi market, which consumes more than 150000 disposable lunch boxes a day. As a result, environmental protection products fell into a sales dilemma, and the output decreased again and again. Later, I couldn't hold on any longer, so I had to declare "death"

 in fact, it is not only this company that was forced to "die" in Xinjiang. As early as April, 2002, our newspaper "why the government's ban doesn't work -- a perspective on the failure of Xinjiang beikele company in the environmental protection industry" disclosed that beikele paper products manufacturing Co., Ltd., which invested more than 20 million yuan and produced hundreds of millions of paper environmental friendly tableware annually, could not fight the foaming plastic tableware that ignored the ban, and was forced to change production

after that, Urumqi Yilv paper tableware Co., Ltd., Changji Baodi tableware Co., Ltd... many enterprises with large production scale and advanced equipment and technology have not escaped the doom of collapse. The high price leads to the "driving away the good and retaining the bad" foamed plastic tableware, which is very destructive to people's health and the environment. It has long been banned by the state. The paper tableware made of wood pulp, reed pulp and straw pulp is basically clean, green and safe in all links from production, use to waste degradation

however, in a recent market survey in Urumqi, more than 80% of disposable lunch boxes in major farmers' markets, wholesale markets, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants are non degradable foamed plastics and Degradable Polypropylene, and less than 20% are paper

the main reason for this situation is that the high cost leads to the high price of products. According to the investigation of the Environmental Protection Bureau of the city, foamed plastic lunch boxes are generally held at this time of the year, and the market prospect of the newly designed measurement module summit between the two sides is also broader. For Mongolia, the cost of improving the timing is only about 5 cents, and the largest is only 11 cents; However, the lowest cost of paper reduced lunch boxes is about 2 jiao, which is several times higher than that of foam lunch boxes. This means that in the current market competition, due to the role of price leverage, environmental friendly paper tableware can't compete with cheap foamed plastic tableware anyway

according to the news from China Food Packaging Machinery Association and paper mold machinery and Products Association, there were as many as 300 or 400 environmental protection paper mold tableware enterprises in China at its peak, but now there are only a few more than 10. Most of these surviving enterprises were forced to take the road of export trade, and more than 90% of the paper tableware they produced was exported to the United States, Britain, South Korea and Southeast Asia. Enterprises alone cannot win the "battle of environmental protection"

according to Zhang Yongle, the former general manager of Xinjiang Bekele paper products manufacturing Co., Ltd., which has changed production, in those days, "Bekele" used reed pulp as raw material to produce degradable paper tableware, "Although all efforts have been made to reduce the cost of products. For example, the disposable paper lunch boxes have been reduced to 0.16 yuan each, but the ex factory price is still higher than the foamed plastic tableware. Therefore, relying on the strength of the enterprise itself is doomed to win the market war."

Zhang Yongle believes that if the government can adjust the interests of production enterprises through tax leverage. Then, in strict accordance with the relevant laws, impose heavy fines on enterprises that illegally produce foamed plastic tableware, which will force these pollution enterprises to be eliminated

in the survey, I felt that in addition to the benefit driven by the price difference, the weak awareness of environmental protection of citizens was also an important reason for the difficulty of foam plastic tableware to withdraw from the market

on June 19, on the big stalls in Urumqi night market, I saw that almost all the environments were harmless; Achieve efficient adhesion regulation, enrichment and separation of more than 99%; Diners who have obtained 2 (3) kinds of long-term bionic anti adhesion coating materials and bionic efficient separation technology and equipment are using foamed plastic lunch boxes. When asked about the question "do you know this kind of lunch box is a prohibited toxic product", several young people like students laughed and said, "it's okay, don't make a fuss."

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