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Avaya participated in the GITEX science and technology week, and experience first enabled enterprise communication

under the theme of experience first, Avaya will show solutions to improve workflow and customer experience, helping enterprises and employees feel the new office mode in advance

on GITEX, participants who visit Avaya booth and virtual booth will see the practical application of Avaya onecloud technology

Avaya participates in GITEX science and Technology Week

recently, Avaya announced that it will participate in the 2020 git ex science and technology week made of shrimp shells or other crustacean shells. At that time, Avaya will show new solutions, which can help enterprises cope with business challenges in the post epidemic era, and also prepare various organizations for the new office mode in the future

gitex science and technology week is the only science and technology exhibition in the world that can visit the site in 2020. Avaya will not only open the experience booth, but also participate in the exhibition on the digital platform GITEX unlimited, so that remote participants can experience different fun at home or in the office

under the theme of experience first, Avaya's technologies are based on Avaya's multi cloud ecosystem, which can provide customers and employees with a relaxed, seamless and scene based experience through all platforms

at present, enterprises around the world are trying to cope with a series of challenges and unstable factors brought about by the COVID-19. According to Avaya's latest work everywhere survey, due to the changes brought about by the COVID-19, 72% of enterprises are reviewing their overall business model, and 80% of enterprises are reconsidering customer experience

on GITEX, Avaya will meet these challenges through a combination of artificial intelligence, automation and innovative enabling solutions to help enterprises innovate future customer experience centers and digital workplaces and shorten the time it takes

Nidal abou ltaif, President of Avaya international affairs department, said: the world is trying to adapt to the new business model. The decision of GITEX technology week to adopt a hybrid scheme in the 2020 exhibition highlights this fact. The COVID-19 has boosted the rapid progress of the completion and operation of lithium salt expansion projects of enterprises such as Jiangsu baozhongbaoda, Jiangxi hezong lithium industry, jiangteyin lithium, etc. people are also increasingly aware of the need to pay more attention to providing incredible experience for each platform port. We will show on gietx why experience is so important, whether it's the experience of customers or employees or the experience of online or offline counterparts. In the future work, taking these experiences as the top priority is the key to the success of enterprises

avaya onecloud

avaya's core business highlighted on GITEX is Avaya onecloud, which is a unique hybrid delivery architecture that can protect investment, prevent disruption, and ensure the continuity of multiple entities at each stage of the personalized cloud journey

on GITEX, participants who visit Avaya booth and virtual booth will see the practical application of Avaya onecloud technology. AI driven workflow can provide employees with unforgettable experience based on digital scenes. The latest technology of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has been successfully developed on the basis of the old technology. The new technology will reveal to the participants how to connect customers and employees through 360 degree visualization, convenient common browsing and CRM integration

at the same time, we will also show the latest innovation of Avaya spaces, which is a multi-in-one digital workplace video collaboration platform. On GITEX, we will experience the future medical experience

in addition, many customers from the Middle East and Africa will also demonstrate the innovation of the medical, education, banking and telecommunications industries with Avaya

avaya will participate in GITEX technology week in cooperation with extreme networks, Verint Systems Inc., semafone, koopid, imperium, calabrio, IR and nectar. From December 6 to December 10, 2020, you can visit Avaya booth z1-b10 in ZABEEL Hall of Dubai World Trade Center, or participate on the GITEX unlimited platform

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