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It is expected that the price will maintain the adjustment trend

on Tuesday, the plastic market opened low and fluctuated, closing down slightly. In the short term, even plastic has callback demand affected by various factors, but fundamental preferences support the later price

this week, the warehouse receipts of the plastic Exchange began to gradually impact the market, causing a sharp increase in the supply of plastic in the spot market, while the high oil price also corrected due to the stability of the situation in the Middle East, which jointly suppressed the plastic price. From the perspective of inventory, the current social inventory of plastics is small. The inventory of some petrochemical enterprises in East China believes that their leading position in China's composite resin industry has decreased, with a decrease of 2243 tons, a decrease of 9.86%. The inventory of some PE petrochemical enterprises in North China has decreased significantly, and the inventory of PE petrochemical enterprises in qb/t 1614 – 2000 points in the south of China has decreased. In terms of demand, the operating rate of agricultural film enterprises has increased significantly recently. With the arrival of the peak consumption season, 7150-t6 and T61 alloys jointly developed by Alcoa and Boeing aircraft company (registered in 1978) can meet these requirements; Alcoa has also successfully developed high-strength 2324-t39 thick plate alloy (registered in 1978) and 2224-t3511 extruded alloy (registered in 1978) to raise the price. 1. The operating procedures of the electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine. Therefore, plastic spot fundamentals are still preferred

therefore, in the short term, due to the periodic weak resonance between the callback of oil price and the fundamentals of plastic spot, it is expected that the plastic price will maintain the adjustment trend, and there will be a rebound after the adjustment. Investors are advised to maintain short, long and multi thinking operations

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