Safe operation of the hottest truck crane

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Safe operation of truck crane

accidents of truck crane are mainly caused by mechanical problems, human negligence and poor management

to prevent such hazards, the following links should be checked

· people ·

the qualification, work experience and ability of crane operators, inspectors and signalmen should be reviewed. In addition, riggers and signalmen should also be trained to make them familiar with the safety measures and contact gestures of lifting, so as to avoid misunderstanding during lifting

· machine ·

machine refers to the slings and slings of mechanical parts. Inspection and filling in relevant forms must be carried out according to national standards and industrial requirements

select the appropriate crane. Before work, the appropriate crane should be selected according to the working environment, the weight and nature of the lifted object. If the selection is wrong, it can lead to serious accidents

each crane and sling should have a safety weight label. The maximum load of the crane and sling must be clear during operation and cannot be exceeded

the hook must have a safety spring braking device, and the hook with strict requirements shall be equipped with soft metal pads to prevent the wear of the steel wire rope

"automatic safe load display" is a device installed on the crane. When the lifted object exceeds or approaches the safe operation load of the crane, it will give an audible and visible warning

select appropriate slings and slings according to the nature of work. If the slings and hoists are broken, deformed and worn, they must be replaced immediately. Slings and slings must be stored in a place free of moisture, acid, alkali and ventilation

· things ·

1 Hoisted objects. Before lifting, understand the characteristics of the lifted object and take safety measures

the coating weight of the object shall not exceed the safe load capacity of the crane or the load capacity of the sling

if the object is loose, it must be wrapped before lifting

if the edge of the object is sharp. The sharp part should be wrapped with a pad first to avoid wearing the sling

when lifting, the center of gravity of the object should be considered, so as to avoid that the center of gravity of the object deviates to one side during lifting, resulting in the object falling

2. Slings

the sling must be hung on the crane in a correct way

if multiple slings are used, they must be connected with rings, so that the weight of the object can be evenly supported

the included angle between slings must be kept below 90 degrees. If it is exceeded, the loss of slings will accelerate and the slings will break due to overweight

use the correct binding method (commonly known as "burying"). Appropriate binding methods shall be adopted according to the size and type of objects

· method ·

1 Lifting method. If the lifting method is incorrect or there are insufficient safety measures. It will directly cause accidents

the crane must approach the object to be lifted to ensure that the maximum lifting weight is obtained within the effective working radius for lifting operation

when lifting the crane, the balance foot must be extended as far as possible and the wheel must be off the ground

add sleepers according to the ground conditions, but it is better to call or not, so as to ensure that the wheels maintain balance and increase stability

pay attention to the correct position of the sleeper, and the balance foot must form a 90 degree angle with the sleeper

the hook must be moved to the vertical position of the center of gravity of the lifted object before lifting. Avoid dragging or pulling the heavy object with the lifting arm

during lifting, no other person shall pass or stay under the lifted object

if the sight is blocked during lifting, the signalman must help command

2. The placement method of objects when they are hoisted to the truck

never overload

consider the arrangement of goods, so that the goods are evenly distributed and the center of gravity is not biased to one side, so as not to affect the stability of driving

the placement of goods shall not hinder the sight of truck drivers

loose goods must be covered

the loose tail of the cloth, rope and twine must be tied tightly

pay attention to the height of the cargo, so as not to affect the stability of the vehicle when driving and ensure the height limit parts (bridge openings, etc.) during transportation. Especially when there is strong wind, vehicles with too much cargo are particularly prone to overturn

after the goods are loaded, the lifting arm should be put back to the original static position

the detailed vehicle loading code should refer to the relevant road traffic regulations and rules

· environment ·

changes in the working environment often cause harm

if working near the overhead wire, the crane must also maintain a safe distance of at least 7m from the overhead wire; If working near the tower antenna, a safety distance of at least 9m must be maintained

the truck crane should avoid passing by or stopping at the mud pit, because the weight of the vehicle will affect the structure of the mud pit, and the soft soil will also affect the stability of the truck crane

the best place to operate the crane is on a flat, solid and horizontal plane

when the crane needs to operate on a soft ground, the load value should be relatively reduced

if you need to work on the slope to study and use pp-lgf (long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene) material, you must use the balance foot to adjust the car to the horizontal position before starting lifting

pay attention to other hazards in the workplace, such as nearby holes, tunnels, etc., to prevent falling by mistake

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