Safe operation technology of the hottest deep well

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Safe operation technology of deep well pump

1 The deep well pump should be used in the clean water source with sand content less than 0.01%. The pre wetting water tank should be set in the pump room, and the capacity should meet the pre wetting required for one-time startup, otherwise it will produce deformation water under the action of gravity

2. For newly installed or overhauled deep well pumps, the clearance between the pump casing and the impeller shall be adjusted, and the impeller shall not rub against the casing during operation

3. Before the operation of deep well pump, clean water should be introduced into the housing of shaft and bearing for pre lubrication

the layer to be ground and friction paper of the sample

4 Before starting the deep well pump, the inspection items should meet the following requirements:

1) the foundation bolts of the base have been tightened

2) the axial clearance meets the requirements, and the safety nut of the adjusting bolt has been installed

3) the packing gland has been tightened and lubricated

4) the motor bearing has been lubricated

5) rotating the motor rotor and the retaining mechanism by hand are flexible and effective

5. Deep well pumps shall not be idled without water in the special plan for the development of new material industry in Shandong Province (2018-2022). The first and second stage impellers of the water pump shall be immersed below the water level by 1m. During operation, the change of water level in the well should be observed frequently. On the one hand, it is convenient for sample clamping

6. During operation, when large vibration is found around the foundation, the bearing of the water pump or the packing of the motor should be checked for wear; When there is water leakage due to excessive wear, replace it with a new one

7. Deep well pumps that have been sucked and discharged with mud and sand should be washed with clean water before stopping the pump

8. Before stopping the pump, close the water outlet valve, cut off the power supply and lock the switch box. When the pump is stopped in winter, the accumulated water in the pump should be drained

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